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Mist Fountain Lamps

Mist humidifiers and fountains can add mystery and intrigue to any space in your home or business. If you live in a dry climate, a mist fountain can also purify the air and combat seasonal dryness and allergies that may arise from indoor heating and cooling systems.

At Shri Hari Imports, we're pleased to carry a number of attractive, functional products, like our mist humidifier lamp, which comes in purple, blue, and pink. These unique lamps give off a soft, colorful light, while also serving as a humidifier mister to give your indoor space a more comfortable feeling and an entrancing style. We also carry smaller tabletop fountain humidifiers, which give a peaceful style to a space, especially when paired beside some succulent houseplants, sweet-smelling incense, or a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp.

Save on decorative mist humidifier lamps available in many sizes from Shri Hari Imports. Mist fountains help to give any room an added touch of style!