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Display Stands

If you use a wide range of essential oils in your business or personal life, you'll find that we carry a number of display stands to help beautifully organize your collection. Masseuses will appreciate our reasonably priced wooden body oil display rack. This elegant, simple piece holds up to 92 different oils. If you're looking for a fully stocked oil display stand, Shri Hari Imports has you covered. Our fully stocked stand comes with a variety of oils containing 1/3 oz of oil per container.

We also offer options if you're looking for a wood burning oil display. Our fully stocked burning oil display rack comes with a collection of 250 1 oz oils for use in your home, shop, or business. Our display stand is also available without oils so you can furnish your own special collection of fragrances to display.

Incense connoisseurs, be sure to check out our incense display stand. We also offer to stock this stand and are happy to include an assortment of lush smelling HEM incense with each stocked incense display stand.