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Pink Rock Salt Lamps

A healing crystal salt lamp will do wonders to improve your quality of life. Not only are these salt rock lamps interesting and attractive to look at, they are designed to purify and neutralize the air you breathe. So how do these amazing, beautiful salt lamps actually work? When a salt crystal lamp is turned on, the heat from the light attracts moisture to the salt in the lamp. The eventual evaporation of water creates negative ions, which in turn balance the positive ions released by commonly used electronic devices, like computers, televisions, and cell phones.

Adding a pink rock salt lamp to your living or work space can neutralize the effect of positive ions and improve your energy level and resistance to airborne infections. The salt is these lamps are harvested from the Himalayan mountain region, which is why these products are often referred to as Himalayan salt lamps. You can get a powerful effect from a salt lamp whether you choose a smooth, a shaped lamp, or a natural look. The larger the size of the lamp, the more effective it will be at neutralizing the air and improving the quality, beauty, and energy of your space.